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​I was never one to know what my five-week-plan was, much less my five year plan. I have pretty much always flown by the seat of my pants, as the saying goes. It has taken me some time to mature, but I am always making progress. I have tried to find happiness in possessions and pleasures, but these are at best short lived and leave the heart wanting.​

I have always been a spiritual man, but in my youth it was not much of a priority. Over a number of years, one of the things I have learned is that knowledge requires something of you both before and after you get it. When you know something, it is upon you to live by it, that is, wisdom is in the application of knowledge. My main goal in life is the supporting of my family and increasing my service to God.

One of the things about service to God, though, is that it is entirely volunteer. A man who cannot take care of his house cannot be serving God, because that, too, is his responsibility. Making sure these things are taken care of, as well as expanding my ministry, takes a lot of effort in terms of budgeting time and money, but the personal rewards and the happiness of my family cannot be priced.

I would have to say that my long-term secular career goal would be work at something that supports my full-time spiritual career goals. I have found freelance writing to be interesting and fulfilling, and it keeps my schedule free for more important things in life. My hope is that clients will find my writing compelling enough to make this possible.

Image by Nick Youngson

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